Rao Fu
Follow Wind

herausgegeben von
Constanze von Marlin
und Junge Kunst
e.V., Wolfsburg

Andreas Schmid,
Constanze von Marlin

ISBN: 978-3-7356-0033-2
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Rao Fu

Contemporary Art Luxembourg

ISBN: 978-2-9199432-1-0
Conception et édition: Stefanie Zutter
Mise en page et production: Studio Polenta
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Rao Fu

Mind Set Art Center(MSAC) is delighted to collaborate with the Kaunda Museum of Fine Art in staging Chinese artist Rao Fu's first solo exhibition in Taiwan. This exhibition has come a long way, talking years from its inception to the subsequent preparation works. It all began in 2016 when I read Follow Wind, a catalogue of Rao Fu, in Jhong Jiang-Ze's art studio, leading up to my last visit to Rao Fu in his studio in Dresden, Germany this past April. This exhibition has been growing organically and being reshaped in my mind over time....


Exhibition Catalog Presentation
Text by Christoph Tannert and Roan Ching-Yueh

Edition: Lord Byron
Published by: Galerie Vazieux
Language: French | English
ISBN: 978-2491901-13-4