Solo Show

Rao Fu Art Paris Art Fair 2022

In Rao Fu's artistic wold,"solitude and fragilitty, rebirth and death, joy and sadness, all have been eternal" the artist says. In his landscapes, he inserts mysterious figures which help decipher a common sto ry. The object and the image are mapping each other to get the most profound perspective; Rao Fu calls them his "Inner landscapes". Rao Fu's solo show at Art Paris Art Fair, from April 07 to April 10 2022 Details of Rao Fu's Paintings "Carousel" 2022 / Rao Fu / Oil on canvas 146 x 180 cm , "Old Town" 2022 / Rao Fu / Oil on canvas 145 x 190,5 cm , "Fire Lake II" 2022 / Rao Fu / Oil on canvas 185 x 113 cm, "Night Knight",2022 / Rao Fu / Oil on canvas 240 x 175 cm